Design of new curricula and courses,

As a member of the academic council for both UG and PG efforts are made to design curriculum for new courses with avenues of community engagement, constructive tapping of human resource giving special emphasis on Environment Consciousness. Special consideration is given to instill curiosity and temperament leading to research. Some of the programs are

  • Attended 2-day workshop on” philosophical framework in curriculum design, evaluation and academic mentoring “sponsored by Kerala state higher education council in June 2015(2)
  • Attended 2-day curriculum workshop in Physics held at MG University in August 2011(2)
  • One day Worksop for college teachers on New curriculum for B.Sc. Physics, sponsored by Kerala state higher education council at Aquinas college, Edakochi in August 2009(2)
  • Participated in UGC sponsored seminar on Energy and Environment studies organized by BCM college as part of starting of open course in CBCSS system from 16 and 17 June 2011
  • Attended NAAC sponsored national seminar on Autonomy of colleges on 8 and 9 January 2015

Technology-mediated teaching process.

Use of ICT is well established in the teaching, learning and evaluation process. Encouragement is given to research. Avenues of community engagement are being discovered, and constructive tapping of human resource is being promoted giving special emphasis on Environment Consciousness. Students are asked to submit their assignments online. Seminar presentation is encouraged in PPT mode. Students encouraged to have an industrial visit to bridge the gap between theory and practical. Invited talks and lectures are organized on frontier areas of knowledge regularly. I have worked as coordinator of ADDON course on computer hardware and Robotics for physics students to keep them abreast in latest technologies. After attending a seminar on “Research-based pedagogical tools” efforts are made to shift towards student-centered learning. A science exhibition cum science project competition “IMPETUS” was conducted for arts and science colleges in Kerala to encourage the technology awareness in students.

  • Undergone STAT (stimulating teachers through the advanced program)Program on Nanomaterials at IIT Chennai in 2010(3)
  • Co-ordinator of add-on course on computer hardware and robotics. (3)
  • Co-ordinator of IMPETUS (Science exhibition and project presentation for Arts and Science Colleges in Kerala)(3)