Material science division envisage a platform to investigate on advanced materials and develop hybrid smart materials for sensor and optoelectronic applications. The material science lab highlight preparation, characterization and analysis of Nano semiconductor materials, Nano metals, Dielectric materials, Doped Polymer matrices and Sol-gel composite materials.  The lab encourages student research activities via projects to MPhil, postgraduate and undergraduate students.

Dr. Siby Mathew is in charge of the material science division.



  • Semiconductor doped hybrid glass for optoelectronic applications
  • Development of suitable dielectric materials
  • Silica based hybrid materials
  • Plasmon sensors
  • Doped polymer composites
  • Development of solid pH indicators for agriculture purposes
  • Design and development of industrial chemical leakage sensors
  • Glass-polymer hybrid composites



Dr. Siby Mathew received his PhD degree in 2008 from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam under the guidance of Prof. N V Unnikrishnan. He published nine international research articles, one book chapter and six conference papers. He is an approved research guide of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam from 2016. At present two research scholars are pursuing their Ph.D. under his supervision. He has guided several MPhil project and supervised many postgraduate and undergraduate projects.


Areas of interest

  • Semiconductor Nano composite materials in sol-gel glasses and polymers.
  • Design and development of hybrid sol-gel composites for sensor and optoelectronic applications.
  • Dielectric materials
  • pH Sensors using chemical indicators in sol-gel glasses.
  • Industrial Chemical leakage sensor.
  • Nano drug delivery in plant


Name of the research scholar : Kiran John U.

Ph.D. Registration order        : U.O.No.7231/2017/AXI/1/Acad Dated 12.12.2017

Ph.D. Registration No.           : 20/2017

Name of the supervisor          : Dr. Siby Mathew

Research work                        :  Structural and spectroscopic studies of nano/bulk     semiconductor materials doped glasses/polymers by Sol-Gel technique

Design and development of smart materials for sensor and optoelectronic applications.

Fellowship                              : KSCSTE Research Fellowship in Physical Sciences – 2017

Funding agency                      : KSCSTE, Government of Kerala

Name of the research scholar : Roners J. Peechat

Ph.D. Registration order        : U.O.No.7231/2017/AXI/1/Acad Dated 12.12.2017

Ph.D. Registration No.           : 19/207

Name of the supervisor          : Dr. Siby Mathew

Research work                        : Structural, spectroscopic and dielectric study of Doped Glasses/polymers by Sol-Gel Technique

Design Solid pH sensors, Chemical leakage sensors and catalysts for industrial applications using doped sol-gel glasses

Fellowship                              : NIL

Research presentations and Invited Talks

  1. Poster presentation at International Symposium on photonics application and Nanomaterials on 28-300ct 2015 organized by sree chitra tirunal institute of medical sciences and technology.
  2. Participated in a national seminar on nanophotonics organized by SPAP MG University and UGC on 26 June 2014.
  3. Participated in a national seminar organized by dept. physics Aquinas college Edakochi on 13and 14 August 2014
  4. Participated in the National meet for organizers of Inspire held at KIIT university Bhuvaneeshwar May 29-30, 2014
  5. Invited talk on Nanomaterials at TKMM college Nangiarkulangara on 20 October 2009 and Nanophotonics Teresa’s college, Ernakulam on 4 and 5 February 2009
  6. Presented a poster in a national workshop on Quantum confined systems and nanoscale devices at St. Thomas college Palai from 3 to5 dec 2009.
  7. Attended national seminar active and smart materials at St. Pauls college Kalamassery on 20 and 21 August 2009
  8. Oral presentation in a national conference on” Photoluminescence of Dy3+/CdSe on “nanocrystallites in Sol-Gel silica matrices “ at Christian college Chengannoor on 25 and 27 March 2007
  9. Annual photonics workshop, CUSAT, February 2006(Poster)
  10. New sol-gel Route to Titanosilicate Glasses for integrated optics applications, ICOL, Dehradun, December 2006(Poster)
  11. Structural and Optical Characterization of Oxygenated CdTe/Sm3+ in Sol-Gel Silica Glasses, Photonics-06, University of Hyderabad. December 2006(Poster)
  12. Spectroscopic and nonlinear properties of ZnSe/ Eu3+ in Silica matrix. NHTEP, CUSAT, October 2007(Poster)
  13. Structural and Nonlinear Optical Studies of Eu3+/ZnSe nanocrystallites in a silica

matrix. NLS-07, M S University, Baroda, December 2007(Poster)